Livia Pewtress

I appreciate you taking the time to view my work.  I have been doing photography and graphic design since 1999.  It has been such a fun journey of learning and discovery.  I enjoy a challenge and opportunities to enhance my skills.  I work mainly in the Adobe Creative Suite.
I have done many kinds of photography over the years.  Natural light to having my own studio. Babies, families, and couples to weddings, event photography, and products for the Provocraft magazine.  I enjoy macro and nature photography as well.
I've designed logos, posters, websites, print materials, eBooks, business cards, flyers, programs and so much more.
I love working on purposeful projects and supporting causes that bless humanity. 
I realized that in all of this, my real passion is in helping people to align with their soul and purpose and to help them to share that with the world.  
This comes in the form of PHOTO EXPERIENCES!  They are not your ordinary photo session.  I get to know you, we connect and wake up the light in your soul, then capture that with the camera. The images really portray YOU and what you are all about.  My intention is that the people who see your images will FEEL your purpose.
 Essence of YOU Experiences are for Individuals. ESSENCE OF LOVE Experiences are for Husbands and Wives seeking to have images that remind them of their love and commitment.  It is truly a magical experience and a fortification against the challenges that come with life.
I love my clients and helping their vision to become reality as they portray the passion in their work and life.
I am disciple of Jesus Christ and include Him in all I do.  I work and live by inspiration.  My family comes first and brings me so much joy! 
 I am a lover of nature, meditation, stories, creation, high vibe foods, my yoga trapeze, hammocks, hiking, and inspiring music!  
Email me if you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss you project.

- Located in Northern Utah - Open to all Possibilities! -
Thank you!